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Mystery Shopper

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Mystery shoppers record test results with the help of mobile devices, and you can observe the process in real time.

Census Automation

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Simplify the search, registration and filling-out of a passport for sales outlets.

Monitor the Competitive Environment (price/place)

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Take advantage of the results of a regular analysis of competitors to maintain an advantage in the market.

Control Calculations and the Availability of Merchandise on the Shelf

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Monitor changes, plan for sales management.

Audit Outdoor Advertising

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Conduct real-time monitoring of advertisement space.

Control Special Promotions

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Get confirmation of the timely and quality control of stimulating promotions.

Gather Remarks (Conduct a Survey)

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Get feedback from clients about your company.

Interaction with Customers (Brand Applications)

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Strengthen relations with your clients and employees. Give dynamics and novelty to communication.