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Mobile App

Save money by using your existing mobile devices. Remotely deploy your mobile data collection application to mobile workers anywhere in the world. Our powerful mobile data collection software provides simple and intuitive user interfaces for collecting textual data, numeric data, single choice answers, multiple choice answers, pictures, video, audio and GPS locations.

Use Your Existing Mobile Device Hardware:

  • Apple (iOS version 7 and higher)
  • Android (version OS 4.1 and higher)

The functionality of the mobile app includes::

  • Group actions
  • Replication of surveys
  • Section headings for different statuses
  • Text data input
  • Numeric data input (integer, decimal)
  • Answers with a single choice
  • Answers multiple choice
  • Answers with a rating
  • Table that shows meanings of answers
  • Calculation of the total score for the questionnaire
  • GPS-coordinates
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio notes

Advanced features:

  • Defining a few questions as "mandatory"
  • Repeating sections
  • Logical chains
  • Constraints on the values ​​in the responses
  • Questionnaire attached to the desired location of the job with varying accuracy of detail (from home to country)
  • Import tasks from Excel file
  • Attach files and comments to any question in the questionnaire
  • Live Chat with administrator
  • View jobs on a map

Use Mobile Forms in Both Connected or Disconnected Environments:

  • Workers can still collect data when an Internet connection is slow, unreliable or unavailable
  • Data is stored on the mobile device until Internet connection is available, then deleted after the successful transmission