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Rapid Deployment

Employees need only to download the free mobile Easydata app to collect data. Then they can register with your account using a special code. The mobile device is automatically "linked" with your Easydata, and all relevant data is automatically synchronized with the mobile device. System setup takes less than an hour!

Access anywhere in the world:

  • Download the Easydata mobile app to your smartphone or tablet
  • The mobile device is automatically "linked" with your Easydata account using a special code
  • All projects and tasks in your organization are automatically synchronized with the application
  • Employees will be ready to perform tasks within 5 minutes of downloading the app!

Choose yourself who gets what tasks:

  • You can assign a particular task to a specific employee at a specific address
  • Or make the job available to any employee at the company

Automatic updates:

  • Changes are synchronized with mobile devices
  • Updates to the mobile app are made remotely.


  • You can count on fast support from our technical support helpline in case of a problem
  • Low cost to launch a project